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Footwell module (FRM) failure is a common problem on all E series BMW cars. The FRM module is a unit that control all the vehicle’s lights. It is used to send signals to the vehicle’s lights and window functions.

Normally on BMW vhicles the FRM will fail when you jump start your vehicle or when the vehicle’s battery goes flat. Symptoms of failed FRM units include:

– Headlights do not work
– Light switches do not work
– Windows are not going up or down
– Turn lights / indicators do not work
– Parking lights stay on

If you experience any of these symptoms you can send us your BMW Footwell module (FRM) for a repair.

If your FRM is faulty as a result of a flat battery, it is highly recommended that you replace your vehicle battery. FRM units have an extremely high failure rate, so to avoid future problems the battery must be replaced.

Our turnaround time on FRM repairs is only 1 day. Once the repaired FRM unit repaired and reinstalled into the vehicle no additional programming is required. All the lights will work, and the vehicle will be 100% back to normal.

All our BMW FRM repairs comes with a 6-month warranty and free 30-day technical support!

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